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Review best practices for preparing positions this fall

When preparing positions for new employees or transfers, follow these steps for smooth setup and successful fall payroll.

Run three HCM Resources queries to find existing positions and funding:

  • Position Information query will find all active or inactive positions in your unit. 
  • Position Funding query will find all the current funding distributions for all positions in your unit.
  • For each employee listed in the Personnel Roster, ensure the Funding Distribution query reflects their current and correct funding.

Keep these tips in mind when creating a position:

  • Use an effective date for the NEW position row sometime before the actual effective date of the hire so additional rows with a new effective date to make last minute changes.
  • The effective date of the first APPROVED row of the position must match the first effective date of the Department Budget Table (DBT).
    • Complete the HRGL Request for funding with the same effective date as the NEW position row. It will post once the position is APPROVED.
    • If a NEW position is DENIED, the original HRGL Request will not post. Create a new CU Funding Entry with the effective date of the first APPROVED row (the one added after the DENIED row) so that a DBT can be created.
    • Do not use correction to change NEW position row dates. It could cause future HRGL Requests to fail.
  • If the NEW position effective date is BEFORE 7/1/20, create the HRGL Request with the same effective date as the NEW row.  Then, create a CU Funding Entry to create funding effective 7/1/2020.  Without funding dated 7/1/20, FY21 payroll will go to suspense.

When hiring into a current position:

  • Funding may be updated for vacant positions with any effective date during the vacant period.
  • Funding for positions with an incumbent may be updated for current payroll periods and beyond.  Always confirm the current funding, and update if needed.
  • A Payroll Expense Transfer records funding changes after payroll.

When changing the position’s department:

  • A new HRGL Request is required with the same effective date as for position department change. 
  • If the same funding for a position existed in a different department as CU Funding Entry in the new department, the same funding will not post. Add a funding end date to allow the entry to post.

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