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Employment separation notices to be sent to departing employees living outside Colorado

In response to the passage of Colorado Senate Bill 22-234, Employee Services began sending notices early last year to employees who experienced a complete separation from the university. In September, a change was made to limit notifications to only those employees who were working in Colorado at the time of separation.

Beginning in January 2024, ES will send notices to employees who experience a complete separation from the university and are not working in Colorado at the time of separation. Student employees and stipend recipients will continue to be excluded from the notification process.

Similar to the Colorado notice, the new out-of-state notice will include specific details including:

  • The employer’s name and address
  • The employer’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • The employee’s start and end date
  • The employee’s year-to-date total gross, earnings for last pay period, and estimated earnings for last week worked
  • Reason for separation

See templates for this out-of-state separation notice, as well as the Colorado separation notice.

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