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Understanding Colorado’s new unemployment notice requirements

Processing an employee separation from the university includes a complex array of tasks from payroll, supervisors and HR. In response to the signing of Colorado Senate Bill 22-234, employers must provide written notice containing certain information to all separating employees. Employee Services will be sending these notices to all employees who experience a complete separation from the university. 

Notifications will be sent to employees who have terminated all employment records with the university, including seasonal separations for lecturers, and other irregular employees. Student employees and stipend recipients are excluded from the notification process.

It’s important for campus departments to keep these new requirements in mind as they may receive questions. 

Among other regulatory changes in the bill, Colorado law now requires employers to provide the departing employee with a written notice of their termination that includes specific details including:

  • The employer’s name and address
  • The employee’s name and address
  • The employee’s company ID number or the last four digits of their SSN
  • The employee’s start date and end date
  • The employee’s year-to-date earnings and wages for their final week of work
  • The reason for the employee’s separation

In addition to those values, the university’s notice will include the employee’s earnings for the last pay period and an estimated value for their wages for their final week of work. A template for this separation letter is available on the HCM section of the website. 

Please take time to review the new law and CU’s letter template and reach out to your campus HR office if you have additional questions. 

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