Teams are still working on a fix. Another update will be provided tomorrow.
An update on this issue will be sent this afternoon.
If you are receiving a “Page No Longer Available” error message after opening multiple windows in HCM, take these steps.
System slowness due to long running queries was reported on Tuesday, June 20. A fix has been implemented to improve the query performance, and an additional fix has been made to resolve issues incurred with accessing queries through the CU HCM User Workcenter.
System slowness has been reported on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 20. We are aware of this and are currently working on a resolution.
Use this job aid to find your most important pages in the newly redesigned HCM interface.
Plan ahead: 24-hour HCM maintenance is scheduled for June 10-11.
Get a high-level overview of changes coming to the portal and HCM this June.
The New Position transaction errors are fixed. Users may begin creating New Positions through the Smart Transaction page.