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New ID cards coming to employees insured by Anthem

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield will mail new health plan ID cards to CU Health Plan members the week of Jan. 21. Please inform your department to begin using these new cards as soon as they are received. 

The new cards are being released with the following updates:

  • New pharmacy BIN and PCN numbers
  • A separate Member Services number
  • A new pharmacist help number

Digital IDs accessed via smartphone or internet browser will have these same updates.

The new ID cards will not affect prescription benefits. Anthem recently changed their method for processing prescription drug claims – an effort taken to create a better customer and pharmacist experience. Their new process should amount to better customer service for members and pharmacists. To learn more about these changes, visit this FAQ page.

You and your department can receive new cards faster by downloading the Anthem Anywhere app. The app provides access to ID cards at any time and if the card is updated in the future, Anthem Anywhere users will have immediate access to the new cards. Anthem Anywhere has other great features, like finding a doctor, accessing health records, managing prescription benefits and estimating healthcare costs.

Members can also download or print a copy of their new ID card from CU’s Anthem microsite.

For questions, contact Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield member services at 1-800-735-6072.

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