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Link to the most recent Benefits Eligibility Matrix to ensure job codes are current

Is the Benefits Eligibility Matrix you’re using the most up-to-date version? There’s one way to be sure.

Employee Services asks HCM users to use the Benefits Eligibility Matrix document page rather than accessing a previously downloaded version. By using the online version, you can ensure job codes, definitions and classification eligibility for campus jobs are accurate for both employees and HCM users.

Users will also be able to better communicate to their employees’ benefits eligibility and payroll. A working group, with representation from each of the campuses, actively updates the matrix on a consistent basis. Job codes are added or eliminated based on this working group, CHROs and campus recommendations.

When to use the Benefits Eligibility Matrix:

  • Guide HCM users to identify the most appropriate job code to use when hiring
  • Explain benefits and leave eligbility for an employee's position
  • Identify pay group and compensationn frequency

 If accessing the online version isn’t an option, Employee Services recommends users check for changes within the matrix every 45 days for accuracy.

Please bookmark this page and update any website links to the Benefits Eligibility.

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