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Department budget tables roll forward to fiscal year 2019 on June 8, ePAR funding updates discontinued on June 1

To plan for future hires and other personnel transactions, we’re rolling forward department budget tables (DBTs) to fiscal year 2019 (FY19) at 6 p.m. Friday, June 8.

To prevent ongoing issues with ePARs and funding updates, ePAR funding update functionality (except Additional Pay) will be removed on Thursday, May 31. Beginning June 1, funding will be view-only and you may use ePAR transactions with effective dates of July 1 and later.

What this means for you

HCM requires one DBT row for each combination of position number, active department and fiscal year.  Anytime one of these changes, a new DBT row must be created. 

The roll forward process will create a new DBT row for the new FY19 fiscal year, effective dated July 1, 2018. This is done by copying the most current FY18 position funding row to the new DBT. The new row will be added for all active positions unless a FY19 row has already been added using the “Apply to Next Fiscal Year” checkbox from the CU Funding Entry Page.

After June 8, both a FY18 and FY19 DBT row will exist. If you’re entering June funding changes on an existing FY18 position DBT using the CU Funding Entry page, you can use the “Apply to Next Fiscal Year” checkbox to create a corresponding FY19 DBT row, effective July 1, 2018, from a single transaction. This checkbox should be used for funding changes entered from June 9-30. After July 1, you’ll only make entries for FY19 funding changes.

Starting June 1, ePAR forms will no longer update the department budget table. Funding information will remain visible on the form, but updates, if necessary, must be made directly from the CU Funding Entry page.

Expired Funding

If the FY18 DBT top funding row has an end date of June 30, 2018 or earlier at the time of the roll-forward, the funding will be copied to FY19 DBT with an end date of July 31, 2018 to allow you time to update funding as necessary. 

Between June 10 and July payroll, please validate your FY19 funding to ensure that the funding for July and future months is correct. If not updated, funding with end dates of July 31, 2018 will go to suspense in August. You can review funding end dates using the HCM queries, Funding Distribution and Funding Suspense Current Row.

Funding end dates for non-sponsored SpeedTypes are not required. However, funding end dates for SpeedTypes associated with a project should be updated to include a funding end date that less than or equal to the project end date.

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