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Review new procedural statements for different types of pay

Some positions may require additional work outside a traditional 9 to 5 schedule or their specified job duties. Employees Services now offers outlined procedures, pay terms and HCM codes for employees who may be compensated under certain circumstances.

Procedural statements are now available for the following differential pay transactions:

  • Shift Differential Pay - Non-exempt employees in eligible job codes can receive shift differential pay for working a second shift, third shift and a weekend shift.
  • Holiday Pay - Non-temporary employees must have 11 holidays each fiscal year and receive pay for hours otherwise worked. Holiday pay procedures also apply to governor, chancellor and president holidays.
  • Translation Pay - Under the COWINS Partnership Agreement, classified staff who provide translation services are provided additional, non-base building pay. 
  • On-Call Pay - The University of Colorado provides on-call compensation for employees specifically assigned to be accessible outside of working hours and restricted in movement.

 Each procedural statement outlines when to use a certain pay transaction, which HCM codes to use and how employees can track their hours in MyLeave for pay.

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