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Use the new compliant hiring tool when hiring CU Global Employees

The University of Colorado’s workforce has become more diverse, expansive and international as more faculty and staff work in countries around the world. These employees, known as CU Global Employees, will now be hired through Global PEO Services (GPS).

What is a CU Global Employee?

This job type is defined as a CU employee, regardless of their country of citizenship, permanent residency or tax residency, whose work site is located outside of the United States or its territories.

What is GPS and why is it necessary?

CU is not a global employer, meaning the university is not a legal hiring authority outside the United States. GPS enables employment relationships in 187 counties. All human resources, payroll processing, tax filing, workers’ compensation, health benefits and retirement will be provided through GPS, ensure compliance in the employee’s work country.

While CU Global employees are hired through GPS, they are considered a CU employee and report to CU departments and supervisors.

How do I hire a CU Global Employee?

GPS works with your department and your global employee to negotiate contracts, ensure tax compliance and customize benefits.

Departments who are looking to hire a CU Global Employee must review the PEO Agreement Process, complete a Generate a Quote Form to initiate a consultation with GPS.  Once a hiring decision is made, the department will partner with GPS and begin onboarding collaborations. This partnership will last throughout the employee’s lifecycle.

Learn more about CU Global Employees

A new website is available to help departments hiring staff abroad and assist CU Global Employees as they join the university.

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