Job Indicator upgrade overview 

HCM now has a Job Indicator process to ensure information accuracy for employees.

This process will run automatically every night to evaluate and determine which jobs should be flagged as primary and the others as secondary. It will update employees’ job indicators accordingly, based on the logic in the process.  

   Why was this introduced?

The University of Colorado’s talented employees often hold more than one position at the university to share their expertise. In HCM, it is recommended that employees have a single, marked primary job. Previously, HCM defaults the job indicator values. However, most HCM users do not have the ability to update this within an employee's record. An automated process will ensure accuracy for employee records.

   If you have an employee whose primary job doesn't align with new automation rules, what should you do?

An exception table is available for employees whose indicators should be set different than how the process sets them. HCM users can request that employees be placed on the exception table. Guides are also be available to help users request an employee's placement on the exception table.

In the event that an HCM user feels that an employee's record needs to be added to the exception table after the indicator is updated, email Please provide the following information:

  • The employee ID and name of the employee.
  • The employee record that needs to be updated, and the Job Indicator designation (Primary or Secondary) that should be made.
  • A brief explanation why the designation is necessary.





Job Change, Pay Rate Change and Leave of Absence upgrade overview

Job Change, Pay Rate Change and Leave functions are now Template-Based Transactions (TBT) in HCM, along with additional updates.

Transitioning to template-based transactions remains a high priority for the University of Colorado.

  • For HCM users, it streamlines navigation and data entry and provides a user experience consistent with the processes for Hire, Rehire, Additional Job, POI, Transfer and Termination. These new transactions will be available on the Transaction Launch Page.
  • For CU’s technical teams, it minimizes the effects of Oracle’s HCM system updates and changes, and keeps CU in compliance for support purposes.

Understanding recent changes

The following resources will help you understand changes and practice new processes.


To access the HCM demo/practices:

  1. Log into your employee portal
  2. Select the Skillsoft tile
  3. Select your campus on the Skillsoft landing page
  4. From the sub-catergories on the left, click HCM Practice
  5. Click the LAUNCH button for the practice you would like to complete


What changed?

  • Template-Based Transactions: ePAR Job Change function, Pay Rate and Data Change functions and Leave (Leave of Absence and Short Work Break) will be completed as template-based transactions.
  • Changes to existing TBTs: Retrofits to existing TBTs will reduce manual effort and processing time.
    • Work study: Rather than going into custom process pages, users can identify work-study employees while creating a position.
    • Auto-termination returns: Users will be able to enter an expected termination date for an employee during the hire process or during the course of the employee’s employment. The date can be managed, as needed. When the date is reached, the employee’s record will be terminated. This reduces manual effort in processing routine, seasonal positions. Robust logic will ensure people occupying benefits-eligible positions won’t be automatically terminated.

Campus Change Agents

Each campus has designated change agents to ease the transition of the upgrade. These liaisons ensure all users have up-to-date information and provide training support. If you have questions as a user about the upgrade, reach out to one of your campus change agents.

Colorado Springs

  • Gregory Krems
  • Jennifer Biga
  • Jessica Bell
  • Anthony Pitts


  • Lynzy Morrison
  • Angela Cho




  • Gabrielle Sawusch
  • Theresa Anderson
  • AnQuanette Murray-Cawthorn
  • Teri Wilson
  • Brooke Fitzpatrick


  • Ben Patient
  • Tracy Gray
  • Jay Rodenburg
  • Veronica Graves
  • Thuy Nguyen
  • Brendon Bravo
  • Joanna Ramirez-Darnell


  • Josh Navarro
  • Joyce Gamboa