The university’s private FAMLI coverage will debut on Jan. 1, 2024. Employees can now apply for eligible paid leave for a medical or family care absence.
In addition to the usual year-end tasks, specific situations can arise with grant-funded positions and the electronic Personnel Effort Reporting System (ePERS).
The university’s private FAMLI coverage will offer paid leave that, in combination with other leave types, can ensure more paid leave for employees facing a medical or family challenge. Learn more at upcoming Q&A sessions.
A new version of Form I-9 was released Aug. 1. Learn more about changes to the form and how they apply to the e-file form in HireRight.
Learn more about the project to identify and remove HCM transactions stuck in user approval queues.
Bookmark this blog to stay up-to-date and successfully complete all year-end payroll tasks.
Use HCM payroll queries to confirm payroll and Payroll Expense Transfer details within HCM.
The FAMLI premium will be added to the encumbrance process starting with the October monthly payroll.
The HCM payroll encumbrance calculation process is an important way to track projected payroll obligations — such as payroll, taxes and deductions — in the general ledger.
There’s more to payroll funding than position funding. Account codes classify the kind of earnings and benefits processed by payroll and are crucial for encumbrances and budgeting.