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Ending academic year contracts in December? Review these steps and reminders before you begin

If you have academic year professors who are resigning when the fall semester ends, take the following steps to successfully end their contracts and pay all owed salaries.

1. Change the salary

  • Use an ePAR Pay Rate Change and a reason of Base Pay – Decrease.
  • To ensure the projected payment for December correctly updates; it is critical that the effective date of this change be Dec. 1, 2018.
  • The new amount should be half of their academic year appointment.
  • Keep the proration button as No Proration of Change Amt.

2. Terminate the job

  • After the pay rate change is approved, enter the termination row on Job Data.
  • If everything is entered in a timely manner, the Earnings Not Paid (ENP) will pay out for the December payroll.

3. Make a pay rate change to a contract

  • Effective date your pay rate changes to the first day of the next payroll. This date is currently Nov. 1, 2018.
  • Always maintain the No Proration of Change Amount button.
  • The first day of the following payroll is when payroll processing begins.
  • Backdating contracts does not update projected pay on the Contract Payment Details page. This results in incorrect paychecks for employees.

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