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Invalid or missing Social Security Numbers will result in inaccurate tax filings for both CU and the employee.
Whether you need to check the funding for payroll that has processed or verify that a PET has processed correctly, these payroll reporting tools can help you get answers.
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Some faculty on nine-month contracts choose to have their total pay spread out over 12 months. Find out how this affects the fiscal year budget table, taxes, retirement and benefits.
There’s more to payroll than funding. Account codes match crucial benefits, work schedule and job type information to job positions in HCM.
Learn how certain job changes affect the general ledger and employee benefits.
The encumbrance calculation process is an important way to track projected budgetary obligations in the general ledger.
Verify that all faculty contracts elections have been made and are accurately reflected in August payroll
Whether you’re hiring for a new position or realigning an existing one, get the most accurate job description details through HCM.