The clock is ticking: Complete and approve Payroll Expense Transfers by 6 p.m. July 13.
Use HCM queries to find FY21 expired funding rows
Review key dates and resources to prepare for this year’s faculty contract renewals.
If you pay parking fees, you can opt out and keep post-tax deductions
Employee Services encourages faculty, staff and students to review their state tax deductions, and determine if they would like to withhold additional state taxes from their paychecks
Learn more about when scholarships and stipends may be taxed, and see related resources to assist international students.
Ask international employees to make a virtual tax appointment as soon as possible, as spots fill up fast.
Follow these steps to ensure funding posts to the DBT.
Funding that crosses fiscal years will be manually entered.
In accordance 2018 legislation (SB 18-200), PERA contributions rates for employees and employers will increase on July 1. In addition, the Colorado legislature has advanced a bill to suspend a one-time $225 million state payment to PERA fund.