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Apply for the Tuition Assistance Benefit for Fall 2021

The University of Colorado values education for people in all circumstances and all stages of life, including CU faculty and staff. That’s why CU offers the Tuition Assistance Benefit (TAB).

The Fall 2021 semester application period is now open, and employees are encouraged to apply for themselves or their dependents as soon as possible.

Employees are encouraged to weigh their options when deciding whether to use the benefit for themselves or their dependents – once the benefit has been allotted to either the employee or a dependent, it can only be allotted to that person for the remainder of that academic year (fall through summer).

Employees are eligible to take courses on any campus with up to 9 credits waived. If the benefit is applied to a dependent for the academic year, and the employee’s home campus is Anschutz, Denver or UCCS, their dependents can have up to 9 credits waived. If the employee’s home campus is Boulder, their dependents will receive a 30% discount on eligible credits.

If the dependent wishes to attend a CU campus other than the employee’s home campus, they will be granted a per-credit stipend to attend another campus.

This year, employees enjoy a new TAB program feature. Employees who use the benefit for themselves can now register up to seven days early for most courses across CU’s four campuses

See the Tuition Assistance website for program rules and Fall 2021 deadlines by campus:

The Tuition Assistance FAQ provides more information on using the benefit, submitting an application, eligibility and more.

All users of the benefit should be aware that they will still be charged student fees and that use of the stipend may be subject to taxation.

Please visit the Tuition Assistance Benefit website to learn more about these details, plus exclusions, program rules and deadlines. 

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