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CU values strong, curious minds and continued growth – that dedication applies to our workforce, too. Save on CU tuition next semester for yourself, your spouse or your children.
New wellness program offers a fresh approach to weight loss, by changing how you eat instead of what you eat. Register from Oct. 15-28 to be part of first class for new CU Health Plan program.
Schedule an appointment with an International Tax Specialist to ensure your pay is taxed properly.
Learn more about the changes and upgrades coming to the employee portal on July 21.
CU Staff Council, Faculty Council advocated for expansion of benefit
The three-year agreement gives CU faculty and staff continued access to BCH facilities.
Imagine a paycheck that has to last for 30 or more years after you retire. It’s a formidable challenge, but TIAA can give you tips to meet that challenge with confidence.
While negotiations continue, we have resources to keep CU Health Plan members informed.