Skillsoft can now be included as a learning tool in the classroom or office.
Skillsoft and provide resources to identify, manage and reduce stress.
Can't seem to find enough time? Gain time management skills with resources ranging from short videos to full-length books in Skillsoft and
Available resources can provide new tools to maximize your Microsoft Office capabilities. CU employees can access Skillsoft and in their campus portal.
Take advantage of CU-offered learning systems that are available online anytime. Develop business, IT and wellness skills to improve both your professional and personal life.
The updated Skillsoft is now available in your campus portal. Master new skills with over 28,000 personal and professional development resources.
The updated Skillsoft will launch June 15, with an outage occurring for implementation. Get ready to use it: Take a virtual tour and watch a guided walk-through of the redesigned system.
This June, advance your professional skills with Skillsoft’s refreshing changes.
Did you know that CU offers two no-cost online learning resources to faculty, staff and student employees? From IT proficiency to graphic design lessons, and Skillsoft can help you grow your knowledge.