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Access exclusive CU job openings with our internal job board

Did you know that as a CU employee you have special access to certain job openings within the CU community? Find these listings within the CU Careers internal job board

Some job listings are open only to internal applicants, and may not be advertised on the external CU Careers website. This employee-specific version posts both CU listings available to the general public and those only open to internal employees.

When you submit your application through this system, your submission will be marked as an 'internal applicant,' which may be advantageous in the selection process.

To access this resource:

  1. Log into your employee portal
  2. Access the NavBar and click CU Resources
  3. Click Business Tools
  4. Open CU Careers - Search Jobs/Apply

Find open CU positions available to the public, learn more about the cities where each campus resides, and read testimonials about working at CU form current faculty and staff at CU Careers.  


Susan Simpson

"access the NavBar and click CU Resources"  No such thing.  What are you talking about?  I do not see a NavBar and there is nothing called CU Resources when I am in my employee portal.  I have a scrolling information box and next to that NEWS, CU Connections, OUC, PSC, TWITTER.  Please clarify.

Employee Services

Hi Susan!
The employee portal was updated on June 11 with the addition of the NavBar. Here is additional information to help you navigate the employee portal:

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