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Tracking your Move. activity on an Android? It's time to upgrade your app.

Are you currently using your Android phone to track your activity with CU Health Plan’s Be Colorado - Move. app? The Move. app is getting an upgrade to Move. version 4. This update makes tracking and accessing movement easier, so you can focus on staying active.  

New features include:

  • A new simplified, streamlined user interface
  • Improved navigation
  • Tablet capability
  • Additional features to create and view goals, record activities and more.

To download the free Move. v4 app, visit the Google Play store. Upon installation, Move. v4 syncs with your old data, so your incentive payments won’t be affected.

This upgrade does not affect users tracking on an Apple device or an activity tracker such as Fitbit or Jawbone.

If you’re not a Move. user, now is a good chance to get started! Move. gives you the opportunity to earn $25 a month just for being active at least 12 days per month. Check out full details on the CU Health Plan website.

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stephen haemmerlein

Can I get this for my I-Phone?

Employee Services

Hi Stephen!
This upgrade does not affect those tracking on an Apple Device. 

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