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Providing High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service principles apply to all CU employees, as we are all serving the needs of others. Whether or not you consider yourself to be in a traditional customer service role, your work affects students, employees or the CU community. Take a minute to consider who you are impacting and who your customer is.

LinkedIn Learning provides a continuum of courses and videos for individuals who want to work with customers as effectively as possible. In these resources, you will find more information about the following topics:

  • Connecting with customers and building rapport
  • Enhancing likability
  • Actively listening to customers to determine needs
  • Managing and communicating expectations
  • Defusing angry customers
  • Closing the conversation on a positive note

To improve your customer service skills, you can find the following resources through the Skillsoft and LinkedIn Learning links in the CU portal:

 You can find information on accessing and using LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft at the following links:

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