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New fertility benefit available to faculty, staff

CU Health Plans have added fertility coverage to Anthem-administered plans (Extended, Exclusive, High Deductible and Medicare) for the 2022-23 plan year. This new benefit, administered by WINFertility, provides certain treatments for families trying to conceive who have a medical need for fertility care.

Eligibility and coverage

The family-building benefit is available to employees and their covered dependents (spouses or partners, dependent children) with prior authorization — a diagnosis of infertility is not required. The plan covers a maximum 2-cycle lifetime benefit toward some eligible fertility expenses and related prescriptions.

The Fertility Benefit is consistent across Anthem medical plans subject to the specific medical plan member cost shares for each Anthem plan.

Eligible patients will work with a qualified Nurse Care Manager to coordinate their WINFertility care with their provider to ensure the most clinically effective care is used in conjunction with the treatment cycles. WINFertility’s Nurse Care Managers are also available 24/7 for members’ emotional support needs.

In addition to fertility care coverage, WINFertility offers robust information and support to help members locate an in-network provider and understand the nuances of their treatment cycle for maximum efficacy.

To learn more about the benefit, faculty and staff should visit WINFertility’s CU coverage page and FAQ.

WINFertility app

Families using the benefit can also download the WINFertility Companion app (through Apple or Google Play) to track their treatment and schedule a consult. To log in, employees and their dependent(s) must use the full legal name associated with their health plan and the employer code: CUHP22.


Plan members can explore their benefits by calling WINFertility’s dedicated CU Health Plan toll-free number at 866-430-6068. This service is available between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. MT Monday through Friday.

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