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New to CU? Preview CU's benefits plans with new videos

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but choosing a benefits package doesn't need to be. To help better understand CU-offered benefits packages, we've created a webpage featuring online videos for a quick visual breakdown of your medical and dental options, along with interactive links to resources you need.

Current videos available:

Medical Plans

This short video outlines the details of the four offered medical plans for current employees: Exclusive, Extended, High Deductible and Kaiser. Each plan is broken down to describe its requirements, deductibles, coinsurance payments and more.

Dental Plans

We drill into CU's two dental plan options, CU Health Plan - Essential and CU Health Plan - Choice. From orthodontic services to annual teeth cleanings, this video covers plan details that matter to you.



You don’t need to be a new employee to benefit from these videos. Reference these resources if you need a quick refresher of your current CU plans.  If you still have questions, our benefits professionals can provide personalized help and answers to inform your decisions either in person, over the phone or through email. 

Don’t know a PPO from an HMO? Visit our Benefits 101 page for common definitions and processes that typically make up a benefits package. 

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