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LinkedIn Learning’s Skill Evaluations help you gauge your skills and build them

If you’re looking to grow your skills, evaluating your proficiency can be the best way to start.

That’s why LinkedIn Learning offers Skill Evaluations in more than 42 topics, based on the most in-demand skills determined by the platform’s data and insights. By taking a skill evaluation, learners can gauge their confidence in a topic and receive personalized course recommendations based on their results.

Skill Evaluations are a good way to ensure you select the best professional development courses to foster and grow your proficiency.

The 42 Skill Evaluations include a combination of hard skills (such as Excel, Project Management, etc.) and soft skills (such as Communication, Time Management, etc.)

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Communication JavaScript
Time management Cloud computing
Teamwork Machine learning
Adaptability DevOps
Decision-making Web development
Emotional intelligence SAP
Problem-solving Power BI
Leadership Project management
Growth mindset Photoshop
Coaching Excel
Creative thinking Python
Conflict management SQL
Persuasion Finance
Critical thinking Java
Interpersonal skills HTML
Initiative Azure
Customer service Word
Attention to detail Data analytics
Management PowerPoint
Innovation Amazon web services
Negotiation WordPress

Taking an evaluation

For hard skills, learners are presented with scenarios and asked if they can answer the question. For soft skills, learners are presented with scenarios and asked if and how they engage in that behavior.

Upon completion, you’ll see a results page that details your proficiency level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) for various aspects of a skill. Three course recommendations will be provided for each topic, tailored to your proficiency level.

Your individual results will not be shared with the University of Colorado or on your personal LinkedIn network. Results are intended to guide your future learning.

Access Skill Evaluations

  1. Log on to your campus portal (
  2. Open the CU Resource dropdown menu.
  3. Select Training.
  4. Click the LinkedIn Learning tile.
  5. Skill Evaluations can be found on the topic page for a given skill, accessible via browse or search. In-progress and completed Skill Evaluations can be found in My Learning.

Click for direct access to LinkedIn Learning.

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