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Learn more about possible Tuition Assistance Benefit tax liability and payroll deductions

Some uses of the University of Colorado’s Tuition Assistance Benefit are taxable according to IRS regulations. Now that the fall semester has started across all campuses, employees using the Tuition Assistance Benefit for themselves or their dependents should review their tax liability status.

If you’re subject to paying taxes on the benefit, you will receive an email notification in advance.

Review the Tuition Assistance Benefit Taxes page where you’ll find a chart that will help to determine your taxable status. An 11-minute video will guide you through TAB taxation eligibility, along with details about when and how taxes will be withheld.

When taxes are withheld?

Typically, taxes will be withheld one to two months following the add/drop deadline (census date) on the campus that you or your dependent attends. You can find the census date on campus academic calendars:

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