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Learn from 25 influential and well-known thought leaders with LinkedIn Learning.

As a CU employee you have the option to explore a variety of LinkedIn Learning material dedicated to helping you grow as a person and professional. With LinkedIn Learning, you can discover unique insights and new ideas to help you stay ahead of the emerging skills revolution.

The Economic Graph team at LinkedIn found that "if change continues at this pace, skills could change by anywhere from 39% to 44% by 2025, and we would likely see three new top skills for a job."

LinkedIn Learning courses cover a variety of topics to help you acquire new skills whether you’re a beginner or seasoned learner. They also host an array of content from well-known thought leaders and experts across an expanse of varied disciplines.

If personal wellness is an area you’d like to improve, explore the courses from Arianna Huffington. Arianna examines the benefit that meditation, sleep, gratitude, and forgiveness can have on your life.

Prioritizing inclusivity is a great way to bring in new voices in your workplace. Check out the material taught by Mary-Frances Winters. Mary’s courses provide a look at cultivating cultural competency and equity.

If you’re interested in consciously building a career path — or changing the trajectory of your career — consider entrepreneur and television host Betty Liu’s course on career success.

There are many more thought leaders whose expertise can help you grow as a person and live a healthier and more productive life. Here are just a few:

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