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How CU Health Plan enrollees can seek a preventive mental health visit

Effective as of the new plan year that began July 1, 2022, employees and dependents covered by CU’s Anthem and Kaiser health plans can access one preventive mental health visit per plan year with no out-of-pocket cost.

It’s important for plan members to understand what is and isn’t covered.

This preventive visit is intended to be used for an initial screening and/or diagnosis to determine or recommend treatment.

Any visit in which treatment is administered (such as a therapy session) qualifies as a regular clinical visit, meaning the plan’s regular cost share applies.

The preventive mental health visit aligns with all other CU Health Plan preventive care coverage, like an annual exam or physical. For example, CU Health Plan members’ yearly physical and age/gender-appropriate screenings are covered at no cost to the member, but if any treatment is administered, the visit is considered a regular cost share visit.

What Can Members Expect?

The preventive mental health visit may be a face-to-face visit facilitated by a qualified clinician with the intention of fostering positive mental health and/or averting illness or injury. Patients should expect an array of possible evaluation factors, such as:

  • Family issues
  • Appropriate diet and exercise
  • Avoidance of injury
  • Potential high-risk behavior
  • Discussion of available laboratory and/or diagnostic results

Before you schedule an appointment

For questions or clarifications about the preventive mental health benefit coverage, employees should reach out to their health plan contacts before setting a preventive mental health visit:

Anthem CU Health Plans (Exclusive, Extended, High-Deductible, Medicare)

  • Phone: Member Services - 1-800-735-6072 (Existing Anthem plan members)
  • Phone: First Impressions - 1-855-646-4752 (Non-member plan inquiries)
  • CU Plan number: 195610

CU Health Plan – Kaiser

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