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Don’t forget you: Ovia provides parental mental health resources, coaching

Starting a family can be one of life’s most joyous occasions. However, depression during and after a pregnancy can interfere with what is meant to be a meaningful experience.

This is one reason CU Health Plan offers Ovia, a suite of apps to support families during fertility, pregnancy, or early parenting. 

Depression during or after pregnancy can be sneaky – symptoms can seem like normal stressors of pregnancy and parenthood. During times like these, it is extremely valuable to have a partner or an ally to confide in. Ovia’s article, “Having a meaningful conversation with your partner about mental health” provides advice to start the conversation.

While mental health isn’t always an easy topic to address, it is an important mark of a healthy relationship with your partner as you grow as new parents together. Being able to address mental health with your partner and children helps build an open, supportive environment for your family. Here are a few tips to make addressing mental health within your family easier:

  • Set aside specific time to check in with each other emotionally.
  • Be open to the feedback you provide each other and ask questions to better understand one another’s needs.
  • If conversations with your partner about mental health are difficult, discuss your respective consideration of seeking help with a professional mental health provider.
  • Remind each other how you feel toward one another, and that your are in this together to take care of each other.

Being transparent when experiencing difficult issues can be an important part of creating a strong, engaged support system within your growing family.

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