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COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for CU employees

On April 28, the University of Colorado was among many Colorado higher education institutions to announce a requirement that all students, faculty and staff must have COVID-19 vaccinations before the start of fall semester 2021.

Each campus is managing their own community’s process for vaccination proof and exemptions. We’ve compiled campus resources and requirements here for employee reference. This blog will be updated as the campuses determine vaccination protocols.

CU Boulder

All CU Boulder faculty and staff must either provide proof of vaccination or file an exemption by Sept. 15.

While, the university previously communicated that faculty and staff vaccinated in Colorado would not need to report their information to CU, and that has changed. All faculty and staff must complete the COVID-19 vaccine requirement or exemption in the MyCUHealth Portal. The only exception will be faculty and staff vaccinated through CU Boulder Medical Services. Data from Medical Services will be uploaded to the portal on behalf of faculty and staff vaccinated through Medical Services.

To provide proof of vaccination to CU Boulder:

  1. Login to the MyCUHealth portal.
  2. Select Faculty/Staff Vaccine Compliance.
  3. Select Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination.
  4. Select the vaccine you received and enter your vaccination date(s).
  5. Upload an image of your COVID-19 Vaccine Card, then click Submit.

Information on how to complete an exemption, student vaccine requirements and more is available here.

CU Boulder HR has created guidance for the summer/fall transition for employees returning to campus.

CU Colorado Springs

UCCS is asking all faculty, staff and students be fully vaccinated before the start of the fall semester on Aug. 23. Please take into consideration the number of doses your vaccine requires, as well as the date by which the immunization will be fully effective, typically two weeks after the final dose.

All employees must complete the online attestation form to either notify Human Resources of your vaccination or to apply for an exemption. A similar process will be rolled out to students in the coming weeks.

Bookmark their vaccination page for FAQs, forms and vaccine locations.

CU Denver

A new, web-based self-disclosure system is now available to students, faculty and staff.

Please follow the steps below to complete this process by Friday, Aug. 27:

  1. Click here to enter the COVID-19 vaccine verification system using your university credentials.
  2. Ensure your name and Employee ID are listed correctly. (Employees who are also students will see both Employee and Student IDs listed).
  3. Select your campus affiliation.
  4. To report a vaccination - 
    1. Select "I want to verify vaccination information." Enter your vaccine type and dosage date(s).
  5. To request an exemption - 
    1. Select "I want to file an exemption." Medical, religious and personal exemptions are accepted.
  6. Click the checkbox next to the attestation statement and hit "Submit" to complete the process.

Should you have questions about this process, visit the Lynx Together FAQ page

Additional information and protocols are available on their campus website.

CU Anschutz

All CU Anschutz students, faculty and staff are asked to be fully vaccinated no later than Sept. 1, in accordance with recent policy. Employees, badged affiliates, visitors and volunteers must submit proof of vaccination to an online database. This database will be in place later this summer. Those seeking an exemption must complete an online form, and submit this form in the upcoming database. 

Currently vaccinated and visiting campus? Those who are conducting on-campus activity and have proof of vaccination can receive a “COVID VAX 2021” sticker for their CU Anschutz badge. Stickers are optional. Drop by the Hensel Phelps Auditorium in Research 1 North Building from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday with proof of vaccination to receive one.

Current mask protocols, summer class activity and more are on the CU Anschutz Vaccination Website.

CU System

Human Resources recommends employees be fully vaccinated by Sept. 7.

Employees will self-report their vaccination status through the employee portal:

  1. Visit
  2. From the drop-down menu, click Forms.
  3. Click the Collaborative HR Services tile.
  4. Click the Vaccination Reporting tile. This tile will only be available in System employees’ portals.

They will then be redirected to an online form. System employees can report if they have been fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or have not been vaccinated. Employees can also report whether they are seeking an exemption.

Learn more on the 1800 Grant Space Redesign Project Sharepoint site.  

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