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Your total earnings are more than the number on your paycheck. Total compensation calculators give you the full picture.

You total compensation goes beyond the number on your paycheck, and it's important to know exactly what your total package includes.

That's why the University of Colorado has created easy-to-use online calculators, so you know exactly how much CU's rich benefits package and leave represent as a part of your yearly earnings. 

This calculator will determine this amount based off your CU-offered medical plan, dental plan, retirement plan and paid leave. Your contributions to Social Security, Medicare, life insurance, long-term disability, and paid non-cash compensation, if applicable, are also included. The only information you need to provide is your gross annual income and your current medical and dental plan details

It can also be used as a recruiting tool for prospective employees.

Calculators are available for University Staff, Classified Staff and 12-month and 9-month Faculty with either 401(a) or PERA retirement plans. 

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