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Workplace experts develop mental health Skillsoft course in Spanish for CU employees

Experts from the Colorado School of Public Health’s (ColoradoSPH) Center for Health, Work & Environment (CHWE) are releasing their suite of workplace health, safety, and well-being courses for CU employees in Spanish. The center has first launched the Salud Mental en el Lugar de Trabajo (Workplace Mental Health) course to help individuals understand the importance of employee mental health in the workplace, and strategies on how to prioritize mental health support in their organizations.

The course was created in partnership with CU Employee Services’ Learning and Development department to help equip Spanish-speaking individuals working anywhere in the CU system including leaders, managers, faculty, staff and student workers.

The training will also be disseminated to the greater Colorado community.

“11% of Colorado's population speaks Spanish at home. We have learned that Latino businesses are looking for resources to help their employees with mental health. Offering the Workplace Mental Health Module in Spanish provides greater accessibility, as employers and employees can learn concrete tools in their heart language,” said Madison Goering, MSW, MPH, senior professional research assistant at CHWE. “As a member of the CU System and community, we want to ensure that our Spanish-speaking coworkers have access to our education and training programs. We look forward to expanding these types of courses to Latino workers and employers across Colorado.”

Available now through Skillsoft at no cost for university employees, this 30-minute, self-paced training can be completed online. Through this course, learners will:

  • Engage in the content through video testimonials and interactive activities to gain a better understanding of how they can play an active role in supporting the mental health and well-being of working people.
  • Learn practical and helpful action steps to raise awareness about mental health, reduce stigma, and prioritize care for all employees.

Take the free Workplace Mental Health course in Spanish.

For questions about CHWE’s Skillsoft courses, reach out to Casey Torbet at

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