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When good sleep goes bad, Sleepio can help you get better shuteye

If you’re suffering from consistently poor sleep, you need to get to the root of these stubborn sleep problems. That’s where cognitive and behavioral techniques can help.

Sleepio is an online sleep improvement program that uses cognitive and behavioral techniques to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep during the night, and wake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. These science-backed techniques help you to identify negative thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of quality sleep and replace them with positive habits that help you sleep better.

Designed by sleep expert Professor Colin Espie of Oxford University, Sleepio takes a practical approach to sleep improvement. The program is personalized and is backed by decades of scientific evidence. No drugs, prescriptions or doctor visits are necessary—Sleepio has been validated in 17 research studies, including 10 randomized control trials and over 13,000 participants.

Employees and adult dependents covered by an Anthem-administered CU Health Plan (Exclusive, Extended and High Deductible) are eligible to use Sleepio at no additional cost.

Your next step to sleeping better tonight

Get started by discovering your Sleep Score. You’ll get a personalized sleep report, plus a technique you can try as soon as tonight to help you sleep better.

After taking the test, you can continue with Sleepio’s science-backed program to finally get to the root of your stubborn poor sleep and say goodbye to those restless nights.

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