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Telehealth options available for CU Health Plan Members

As coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak developments continue to progress, members covered under a CU Health Plan may have questions about where to seek care. Many health care centers are experiencing extensive wait times or may be unable to book appointments for several weeks due to the high demand for care. Other health care facilities may be enforcing access restrictions on their premises in an effort to prevent exposure to the virus. If you receive health benefits under a CU Health Plan, reviewing the telehealth options available to you may prove beneficial during this rapidly evolving situation.

Telehealth for Anthem CU Health Plan Members

If you are a member covered under an Anthem CU Health Plan, you may utilize LiveHealth Online, Anthem’s telehealth provider. LiveHealth Online is a safe and effective way for members to see a doctor to receive health guidance related to COVID-19 from their homes via smart phone, tablet or computer-enabled web cam. LiveHealth Online is offered as a health plan benefit to many individual, employer-sponsored and Medicaid and Medicare members. It is also available as a cost-effective option to all consumers.

As a heightened awareness of COVID-19 persists and more cases are diagnosed in the United States, LiveHealth Online is increasing physician availability to handle a potential increase in patients, while maintaining reasonable wait times.

For more info, see Anthem for CU Health Plan or

Telehealth for Kaiser Permanente CU Health Plan Members

Kaiser Permanente has a business continuity plan and pandemic policy in place specifically for outbreak circumstances similar to the novel coronavirus. To ensure access to care, Kaiser has opened a national command center and additional command centers in all Kaiser’s regions, including Colorado, to prepare its staff and facilities for potentially large numbers of members seeking services. Additionally, members can access telehealth services via phone, email, chat and video without an in-person visit.

For more info, see or Members may also call 303-338-4545 (TTY 711) to speak with a licensed care provider or to schedule a telephone or video appointment. Additionally, members can chat with a doctor on or on the KP mobile app.


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