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Scope of Work forms are now digital

The University of Colorado uses the expertise of not only our own workforce, but those of contractors and individuals not employed by CU. When a department wants to engage an outside independent contractor, a Scope of Work form must be completed in order to compensate these contractors for the work they perform. Scope of Work forms are submitted by departments and reviewed by Employee Services to ensure compliance with related IRS guidelines when paying these individuals. In 2019 alone, 2,051 Scope of Work requests were approved and processed by Employee Services.

The form can now be completed, signed and sent for approval as a digital form instead of filling out a PDF and emailing it. During the approval process, independent contractors and department liaisons will receive automatic emails from OnBase at each step alerting them to complete certain actions.

The approval process will be more efficient and allow Employee Services to be more responsive and customer-focused with less focus on form details. This change is also a step toward becoming more eco-friendly by reducing paper usage, in addition to ensuring sensitive information is routed in a secure manner.

To learn more about the process and complete the upgraded form, visit For additional questions about the approval process, email

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