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Public Service Loan Forgiveness processing paused through July

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) applications and form processing will be temporarily paused from May 1 through July 2024. The U.S. Department of Education will transition PSLF servicing from MOHELA to the website during this time.  

Starting in July, the Department of Education will fully manage the PSLF Program, but loans will remain with the borrower’s loan servicer. When processing resumes, borrowers will be able to log into their accounts, view eligible and qualifying PSLF payments in an easy-to-read format, access enhanced self-service tools, and see a decrease in PLSF form processing times.

For PSLF participants, there are some important things to know during the processing pause:

  • Access to MOHELA: Beginning May 1, borrowers will no longer be able to access PSLF progress details, certified employers or payment counts on MOHELA’s borrower portal.
    • Borrowers who want to save screenshots and correspondence for their personal records should access the portal by April 30.
  • Payments: Payment counts won’t be updated during the pause, but borrowers should still make loan payments. Once the pause ends, the updated credits will be reflected on a borrower’s account in a new PSLF dashboard.
  • PLSF forms: Borrowers can continue to submit PSLF forms, but they will not be processed until July. Borrowers are encouraged to use the PSLF Help Tool to submit forms. This will speed up processing once the transition is complete.
    • IMPORTANT: Borrowers who submit a PSLF form during the pause should not resubmit when processing resumes in July. Doing so could cause delays.
  • Successful repayment: If borrowers reach the 120 qualifying payments required for PSLF during this time, they will be refunded for any payments made over 120 once the pause ends.
    • If borrowers would like to request a forbearance because they believe they have reached forgiveness (or will reach it during the processing pause) and have met the requirement for 120 qualifying payments, they can contact their servicer directly with this request.
  • Savi users: The Savi platform and user accounts will be updated with information about the processing pause and related guidance for borrowers.

Upcoming Savi webinars will provide details on the processing pause. This summer, watch for additional information from Employee Services about PSLF processing through and what it means for participants.

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