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In the market to learn? Fall 2023 Tuition Assistance Benefit applications are open

The University of Colorado is committed to fostering workplace and employee growth at every step of the way. The Tuition Assistance Benefit provides a significant cost reduction for eligible faculty and staff, enabling recipients to more easily pursue their individual interests in higher education.

Tuition Assistance applications are open for fall 2023.

Faculty and staff can claim up to nine credits per academic year (fall through summer) on any CU campus. Dependent assistance options vary based on the employee’s home campus and the campus which the dependent attends. Review the Tuition Assistance Benefit website for full rules and deadlines.

Faculty and staff who claim the benefit for themselves or designated it to a dependent at the start of the academic year should remember: Once the TAB is applied to an individual’s course selections, it can only be used by or designated to that person for the rest of the academic year.

What people are saying about Tuition Assistance

The benefit has received frequent praise from faculty and staff on the CU Advantage website.

Lauren Galena, a senior analyst at UIS in System Administration office, is using her benefit to seek a master’s degree in marketing at CU Denver with a planned graduation in 2024. “TAB has saved me so much money in tuition. I’ve only had to pay for textbooks and fees. I'm so grateful for this benefit!” she said.

Do you have a course that you want to take based on personal interest? Faculty and staff can take courses without the goal of obtaining a degree.

Margaret Habib, a professional research assistant at CU Boulder, explored her curiosity with  TAB’s assistance. “I have always had an interest in astronomy, but never had the chance to pursue it formally in my education. When I first started working at CU, I used my tuition benefit to enroll in Astronomy 101 and really enjoyed getting to be a student again without the pressure of grades or the deadline of graduation,” she said.

Applying for the fall 2023

  1. Log into your employee portal.
  2. Open the CU Resources drop-down menu and select Forms.
  3. Click the Benefits tile, then click the Tuition Assistance Application tile.

Application deadlines

Submit your application prior to the campus deadlines listed below.

  • Denver/Anschutz — Sept. 6
  • Colorado Springs — Sept. 7
  • Boulder — Sept. 15

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