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A manager’s guide for delivering performance reviews

As a manager, it may be difficult to know exactly how to foster a healthy dialogue with employees during performance reviews. These conversations can potentially be difficult to lead, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Performance review conversations offer leaders a chance to strengthen manager-employee relationships. Often, the feedback is most effective when learning and development are key themes integrated into the core of the performance review cycle.

The University of Colorado and LinkedIn Learning have resources designed to give managers and leaders the necessary tools to have successful performance reviews.

These resources can teach you how to be purposeful in your delivery and to harness the power of coaching. You can avoid surprises by introducing frequent check-ins with employees – 85% of workers who have weekly check-ins with their managers report higher levels of engagement.

The materials also demonstrate how it is important to also build a culture of accountability by setting goals and developing teams capable of performing at a high level. As a manager, you can boost performance reviews by developing concise, achievable and measurable goals for you and your team. This can set the stage for creating an atmosphere of responsible accountability in behavior, dialogue and inclusivity.

Lastly, you will learn how to create internal growth opportunities and design employee development road maps that will foster career growth and advancement. Empower individuals to own their professional development, ensuring everyone has access to the tools and motivation they need to become lifelong, continuous learners.

Get started by reviewing a catalogue of quick and easy materials to enhance your performance reviews.

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