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LinkedIn Learning offers content in several languages

The University of Colorado is proud to support the cultural diversity of our faculty and staff. We strive to make sure each person has the resources and tools they need to feel understood, empowered and successful.

To do this more effectively, we want to share more information on LinkedIn Learning’s language features that could better serve your learning goals.

  • Change content language in LinkedIn Learning - LinkedIn Learning offers content presented in Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Follow the steps in this article to change your language content.
  • Language subtitles for LinkedIn Learning courses - In 2023, LinkedIn Learning will roll out subtitle language support on English courses. Many subtitles will be machine-translated with a growing library of human-translated subtitles in Korean. These subtitle options will be available for thousands of courses in over 20 languages.
    Additionally, users searching for content subtitled in Italian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Korean and Bahasa Indonesian will be able to search dedicated content libraries in these languages. 

We hope that sharing these language support tools will provide options that allow our employees to pursue their professional development with confidence.

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