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Get things done with LinkedIn Learning

Everyone has things they need to get done and things they want to get done. Unfortunately, it can be hard enough to accomplish all the more urgent tasks — often leaving the meaningful and ambitious tasks on hold.

The 30-minute LinkedIn Learning course, “Getting Things Done,” taught by productivity and time management expert David Allen, focuses on how to accomplish your tasks and stay on top of them so you don’t get overwhelmed in the future. His 5-step process addresses many of the common stress points that interfere with our ability to accomplish even the most important tasks.

During the course, viewers will learn:

  • How to capture the full scope of your tasks.
  • How to clarify what needs doing.
  • How to distinguish which tasks to do yourself, delegate or defer until later.
  • How to organize your tasks.
  • How to engage with the tasks
  • How to reflect on the completed tasks and learn from any successes or struggles.

Productivity is not an end in itself, nor is it a measure of our value. But it is frustrating for many who genuinely want to accomplish specific tasks and reach certain goals but stumble in the execution. This course can help you understand where you’re getting caught up and give you tools to get unstuck.

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