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Fine-tune your virtual work routine

As we continue to work remotely, our experiences over the last several months may have presented new challenges and revealed skill gaps in navigating remote work. For those who’d like to level-up their digital skills and strengthen their remote-work relationships in the new year, LinkedIn Learning can help.

That’s right; there’s a learning plan for that.

We have curated a custom collection of LinkedIn Learning resources, Adapting to a Digital World, to help employees engage in the virtual workplace with confidence.

Here are just a few courses and videos included:

  • Shifting to a Digital Workspace – Take the time to understand what a digital workspace means for you and your productivity.
  • Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity – Discover how to transform your home workspace that will set you up for success.
  • Building Relationships While Working from Home – Have a new coworker or want to know a coworker better? Learn how to create connections digitally.

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What is LinkedIn Learning?

This online library hosts hundreds of instructional videos, taught by accomplished instructors and industry experts, on topics ranging from professional development to technical skills to personal enrichment. LinkedIn Learning is available to all CU employees and students at no additional cost. Learn more about this perk on our website.

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