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Find family planning support with Ovia Health

Growing your family can be overwhelming. However, CU Health Plan offers an essential resource to help you get started. In order to include all paths to parenthood, Ovia Health now includes resources for parents looking to adopt or use surrogacy.

As a CU Health Plan member, you have full access to Ovia Health. This suite of apps provides the tools and resources you need to start the process of family planning, grow a healthy baby and transition with a new family member at no cost to you. This tool is not limited to those who are just starting their family planning. It's also a useful tool if you and your partner are already pregnant or have a child up to the age of four. 

Choose the app that fits your needs

  • Ovia Fertility: This app can help women get pregnant faster with period and ovulation tracking, expert research and tips to grow your family. It also provides information about adoption and surrogacy.
  • Ovia Pregnancy: While pregnant, the unknown can be intimidating. Download this app to track the growth of your baby, research foods and medications and find answers to all of your questions. If you are experiencing a surrogate pregnancy, Ovia Health can guide you on staying involved and supportive.
  • Ovia Parenting: When your new family member is here, use this app to identify and understand developmental milestones, get daily tips and guidance based on your child's age and share updates with family and friends.

Download Ovia and get started

  1. Download the app that fits your family planning needs: Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy or Ovia Parenting. 
  2. During sign up, choose I have Ovia Health as a benefit
  3. Select Sign Up and choose your employer University of Colorado.

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