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Don't miss this step-by-step plan to healthier, happier life

As a CU employee, you have tons of benefit options. Of the many excellent resources you may have missed, CU’s partnership with Omada provides access to a personalized program that combines behavioral and data science to empower your personal health and wellness goals.

Omada’s strategy takes advantage of four key tactics to implement small changes in your own life — and have them stick.

  1. Education: Gain access to Omada’s library of mini-courses covering food, movement, sleep and stress management.
  2. Coaching: Get matched with a coach who’ll assess your individual needs, track your progress and continually offer customized action steps just for you.
  3. Tracking: Track your activity and nutrition in receive a free digital, wireless scale to monitor your progress.
  4. Group Support: Connect and engage with fellow Omada community members to share resources, encouragement and cat videos. (We’re not here to judge).

The Omada program increases your chances of meeting your goals through consistent, personalized care that respects each member’s unique, day-to-day challenges. You don’t have to suffer through extreme exercise programs or crash diets and you don’t need to become a self-taught nutrition and fitness expert.

More importantly, you don’t have to spend extra money. This program is free to any eligible CU employee who is currently at higher risk for heart disease or Type-2 diabetes. Just take a 1-minute self-assessment at

Each journey starts with a single step, and with your CU benefits, you don’t need to travel alone. Learn more about this and other tools you didn’t know you had on the CU Health Benefits program page.

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