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CU will pay you $25 a month to exercise with Move.

What could you do with an extra $25-$75 per quarter? The Move. program allows you to earn incentives for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Move.’s app tracks physical activity through your smartphone or activity-tracking device (e.g., Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.). The app records activity stats like calories burned, heart rate, steps-per-day and more. 

Open to CU Health Plan members, Move. participants who log either 30 minutes of activity or 10,000 steps a day, for at least 12 days a month, can earn an incentive of $25 a month. These incentives are added to paychecks quarterly in January, April, July and October.

Set your own wellness goals in the Move. app interface as a way to hold yourself accountable to improving your health – and your wealth.

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