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Build your career resilience with LinkedIn Learning

At the University of Colorado, we strive to create a workplace where people feel challenged and fulfilled in their work. Whether you want to move vertically or laterally from your current position, we want to empower you to direct your career in the ways best for you. Check out the resources available to you through LinkedIn Learning. You can discover new strategies for reskilling to address skill gaps, prepare yourself for internal mobility, and stay ahead of the new skills revolution.

Propel Your Career Forward

No matter where you are in your career path, learning from experts on how to best position yourself for a new role will help propel your career forward. Having a career vision is essential to staying ahead of the curve and growing your network.

Identifying your passions and identifying your mission alignment will help you build a rewarding and satisfying career based on your unique interests, skills, and experiences. We know that career planning can be difficult and filled with unexpected career obstacles to overcome. To combat this, consider consulting courses on being intentional in your new career and navigating careers in today’s workplace to help you prepare for the road ahead.

One of the biggest challenges you could face when making a career change, is selling yourself short. You already possess a plethora of skills and knowledge that make you a unique and qualified individual. In modules on transferable skills vs. relevant experience and how to sell your transferable skills, you will learn how to market yourself as an individual filled with experience and skills ready to tackle a new opportunity, beyond what is simply on a resume.

The Skills Advantage

Since the onset of the pandemic, a McKinsey Global Survey found that 69% of respondents had increased their reskilling efforts. By developing a diverse skill set, you can build career resilience to adapt to any challenge comes your way in the workplace.

Whatever your goal, don’t forget that the point of reskilling is to build upon the success and skills you already possess. Discover your own strengths so you are aware of what skills you already have and which skill gaps you can close. To further identify what skills might be beneficial for you to pursue, consider the strategies and tips covered in modules on identifying your skill and knowledge gaps and performing a self-assessment of your skills. You can also perform a personal SWOT analysis to help identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to help prepare you for the next position you apply for.

From here, learn the new skills necessary for career growth and prioritize the skills most important to you. Building new skills will not only ensure you are prepared for the next challenge coming your way but will help you develop confidence in yourself and your skillset.

Remember, you are a uniquely qualified individual with a blend of skills, experience and potential. Striving to pursue a path that’s best suited to you and your interests by acquiring new skills and positioning yourself for future growth can bring you closer to a uniquely rewarding career.

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