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Being active can really pay off — literally

Providing incentives for being active has proven to be a popular initiative for the University of Colorado’s Health Plan. The Move. app, which logs activity toward a monthly goal worth $25, has garnered widespread attention and praise from CU staff since its inclusion on The CU Advantage website.

The app is available to benefits-eligible employees across all campuses, and CU employees are enthusiastic about prioritizing their well-being and getting paid to do it.

Angela Gianficaro, CME Conference Coordinator from CU Anschutz wrote, “Since joining CU as a full-time employee in 2018, I've been using the Move. app to help track my exercise. Not only does this encourage me to keep my body moving, but I also receive $25 each month to put toward my gym membership. It's a great perk!”

Staff and faculty who log 30 minutes of activity or 10,000 steps for at least 12 days during a month in the app will receive $25 each month they meet the goal. These rewards are paid out quarterly as part of employee paychecks.

For example, those who logged their activity in Move. and met the goal from April through June will cash in on their well-earned Move. money and receive up to $75 added to their July paycheck.

Don’t worry if you haven’t joined the app yet, the new quarter is just beginning, so there’s still plenty of time to jog through July.

Move. is compatible with fitness activity trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch, allowing you to log your workout without having your phone on you. To do so, simply tap the Partners button from the app’s Menu (located at the bottom right corner of the app’s home screen) and pair your favorite activity tracking platform.

Select the partner app linked to your device — such as FitBit, Garmin, Apple Health for Apple watch users and other popular fitness and nutrition tracking apps — and follow the prompts to link your account with the Move. app.

Move. partners
Move. partners

Once completed, your fitness app should sync regularly with Move. If you aren’t seeing your workouts or 10,000 step days counted in the Goals section of your Move. app, you can tap the Sync button in the Move. menu to manually sync your data.

Move. sync


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