Help ensure your staff receive error–free W-2 forms: Ask them to complete these tasks.
Employees who work outside of Colorado should check their mailing addresses, pay advice and withholdings to ensure their taxes withheld are accurate.
Employee Services encourages you to review your 2018 W-4, use IRS withholding calculator to make sure you get the refund amount you’re expecting next tax season.
Employees eligible for health benefits in 2017 will be mailed the required tax document 1095-C on March 2. This document reports information about their university health coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
See what new tax laws mean for paychecks and tax form availability. Plus, our payroll director suggests a tool to help employees determine how new tax rates will affect them.
W-2s have been mailed and are now available to view and download in the portal.
Ask employees to check their deductions and pay advice.
Employees who use the Tuition Waiver Benefit may be required to pay taxes, which will reflect in their November pay. Here’s where to direct them for more information and assistance.
To ensure taxes withheld are accurate based on an employee’s work location, the University of Colorado will begin withholding state taxes from the states in which these employees perform their work on Jan. 1, 2018.
International employees must meet with a CU international tax specialist. Appointments fill fast, so encourage international employees to book today.