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Some employees may be taxed for use of the Tuition Assistance Benefit. Here's what you need to know

Some uses of the Tuition Assistance Benefit are taxable, and in the coming months, some employees who used the benefit for themselves or a dependent may see additional taxes taken from their paychecks. Employees who are taxable will be notified by email in advance.

Please review the following information to prepare for questions you may receive.

When will taxes be applied?

Taxes typically occur one to two months after the census date (add/drop deadline) on the campus of registration. To view previous and upcoming census dates, refer to campus academic calendars:


Additional resources

If you or employees have additional questions, please visit our Tuition Assistance Benefit Taxes webpage to view our 11-minute taxation video. The taxation video can walk employees through the taxation process, how the benefit is taxed, who is taxable and more.

Tuition Assistance Benefit (TAB) Taxation

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