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2017 Form 1095-C mails on March 2, available in the employee portal

The 2017 1095-C has been mailed as of March 2 to employees eligible for health benefits in 2017. The form is also available in the employee portal for viewing and download.

What is a 1095-C form?

Form 1095-C is sent to employees annually and provides them with information regarding their employer-provided health insurance coverage. It specifies the months of health care coverage for the employee and their eligible dependents.

How do I use Form 1095-C to complete my tax return?

When completing their federal tax return, employees will need to indicate whether they had qualifying health coverage for all of 2017 or whether they qualified for a health coverage exemption.

Per the IRS, employees are not required to submit this form with their 2017 tax filing; however, they should keep this form with any 2017 tax records. Please consult a qualified tax advisor if questions should arise.

How do I get my Form 1095-C electronically?

To access the form in the portal, follow these steps:

  • Log into the employee portal.
  • Select the CU Resources tab. (If you don't see any tabs, CU Resources is your home page.)
  • Go the My Benefits tile.
  • Click the Details button, and select View Form 1095-C.
  • Additional authentication will be requested. Once authorized, click on Tax Form to view and download your form.
  • If a form has not been issued to you, a message will populate stating that no form is available.

How do I read the form?

More information about the 1095-C and instructions on how to read it can be found here.

Employees with questions may call a Benefits Professional at 303-860-4200, option 3, or email



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