Fixes and enhancements for Funding Entry were implemented.
The use of ePARs to complete position information has caused freezing positions within HCM.
These important rules and reminders will assist you when completing ePAR transactions and funding entries.
Issues involving encumbrances and funding entry are currently being resolved. If you need to create new positions or your funding entries do not update to completed status, temporary workarounds are available to you while these problems are fixed.
Make sure positions you create include the Funding Entry Page.
If you have questions about newly created positions that cross the fiscal year, or how to prevent expired funding from going into suspense, we have two tips for you.
Department budget tables will roll forward at 6 p.m. Monday, June 5. To help you prepare, download our matrix that will walk you through year-end processes.
This rollover allows you to plan for future hires and personnel transactions before the fiscal year begins, and minimize duplicative work.
If you need assistance and you’re not at CU Anschutz, we have resources to help.
See what changes have debuted for HR/GL, contract pay changes HCM through late summer.