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Prepare your departments for the new plan year with benefits orientations

As the new fiscal year approaches, so does the new health insurance plan year. Employees have a few new features and services available from their health plans, plus updated benefits orientation materials.

Here are the highlights you can share with your departments:

Checking their enrollment

Prior to July 1, employees should check their enrollment within the employee portal. The effective date for next year’s benefits is July 1, 2021.

If they have questions about their enrollment, they can reach out to an Employee Services benefits professional at

ID cards

Kaiser will mail new cards to reflect the plan’s new single state-wide network and a new appointment and advice phone number.

Access digital ID cards

All medical and dental plans will provide access to digital ID cards through plan website and mobile apps provided by Anthem, CVS Caremark, Kaiser and Delta Dental.

These services allow members to access their ID cards anytime, anywhere as long as they have their mobile device. Plan members can also save their ID cards to their Apple Wallet or other digital wallet apps or login from a computer to print off a paper copy.

If mail delays prevent the physical ID card from arriving in time for an appointment, digital options can give employees instant access.

Direct your employees to the digital ID cards page for instructions on accessing their card.

New dental services

Delta Dental has expanded its coverage to two annual fluoride treatments to all plan members. Previously, this service was only covered for children age 17 and younger.

Some dental offices may not realize this service is covered, as it isn’t commonly provided for adults over 18, and members may have to request it.

Updated benefits orientation

On July 1, Employee Services will update the payroll and benefits orientation courses to reflect the plan features and premiums for the 2021-22 plan year. The benefits orientation curriculum will include a Spanish-language course option as well as an option for Post Docs.

In August, the mandatory retirement orientation videos will be updated and likewise add Spanish-language courses.

 Managers and recruitment personnel are encouraged to share these digital benefits orientation tools with eligible incoming faculty and staff. This will allow them time to review their options and make decisions before beginning the fall semester.

Life changes mean plan changes

Between now and Open Enrollment 2022, be sure your staff are aware that certain life changes permit enrolled plan members to update their coverage and add or remove dependents to meet their needs. When something happens that changes how an employee uses their health benefits, they visit the life changes information page to learn what life events qualify and how to update their plans

Employee Services has also created a life events page specifically for the Graduate Medical Education population to provide life events information relevant to their eligible health plans.

Reach out for help

Plan year 2021-22 benefits information is available on the Employee Services' website. For plan-specific information, employees should reach out to their plan provider.

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