Phone lines will be open from 8 a.m to 5 p.m going forward.
While we strive to keep the deadlines below static, unforseen payroll issues can alter these dates. We'll keep you posted of any changes to our payroll schedule via your CU email.
We're adding additional help to answer and resolve your calls. Read more to see how it will work.
Calendar includes important payroll deadlines.
Off-cycle payroll deadline extended due to weather closures.
If you manage a graduate student worker who is not showing up on your monthly payroll register, please enter the pay in the off-cycle payroll run BY 8 A.M. WEDNESDAY.
We completed January's monthly payroll yesterday and will run biweekly payroll today. See HCM issues in progress, those we've fixed and what's coming up.
Review time collection, payroll processing and other important pay-related deadlines for the February 2016 payroll run through Employee Services.
You may now run your payroll registers to confirm monthly pay for employees scheduled to be paid on Friday, Jan. 29.