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First phase of Time and Labor project complete

Following the last update in September, the Time & Labor project has completed a significant milestone: Phase One — Current State Analysis was completed on time and on budget.  

The goal of the Time & Labor project is to move the university away from MyLeave and various alternate timekeeping methods across the university in favor of a single, unified timekeeping solution.

Last year, we determined that a comprehensive current state analysis phase was necessary to fully understand all timekeeping and leave request processes in place across the University of Colorado. The project team includes representatives from all campuses who gathered and documented information and analyzed it for key pain points and improvement opportunities.

The team catalogued all third-party systems used for timekeeping and leave requests, outside of My Leave.  With current state analysis complete, we have:  

  • clearly established the baseline of current operations related to timekeeping and leave requests,   
  • identified the systems currently in place,   
  • identified issues and inefficiencies any future-state solution needs to address,   
  • identified many of the systems and processes any future-state solution cannot break or change (e.g., department systems that include functionality beyond time entry), and  
  • built rapport and trust with time keeping subject matter experts who will use any future state solution. 

Phase one’s completion sets up CU for the next Time & Labor Project phases. Key findings can be found on the Time & Labor website.  

What’s next?  

The next project phase will include discovery work to assess the impact of our pay cycles on timekeeping and other business processes.   

Following this discovery phase, we will use a structured governance approach to raise decisions to the correct group of CU leaders based on the potential impact of the decision. Please refer to the FAQ “How will project decisions be made?” on the Time & Labor website, as well as our steering committee membership.   

CU is a large, complex organization. Any future technology solution involving time entry and leave requests needs to be efficient, secure, accessible, mobile friendly, and in line with CU’s long-term Information Technology strategy. This means that the project will proceed at a steady and prudent pace.  

As always, we are committed to working together and transparently sharing information. We will communicate more about the timeline of the next phases as information becomes available.   

For further details, review the Time & Labor website’s frequently asked questions. Project information is also available on these websites:  

Please send Time & Labor project questions to, and a project member will respond to you.

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